Thursday, April 28, 2011

Coupon Sites

These are the sites that I visit the most. - you can print off a number of really awesome coupons that can only be found online! (for those southern readers) - This site goes store by store telling you the best deals and showing you coupons just for the store that is closest to you. (you do have to register, but it is free)- This site is a lot like Southern Savers, but more on the national level.

Target has and will always be a favorite of mine and lately I have found some really awesome coupons for their store on their website. Most of them you have to use in their store, but you can also find coupons to use anywhere. Click here!

I also frequent and These are the same coupons as in the Sunday ads in the newspapers, but sometimes, they will have extra coupons or different ones. You can also subscribe to these to have more ads delivered to your mailbox.

I have also heard of people calling the newspapers businesses and asking for the extra inserts that they don't use every week. I haven't investigated this, but it sounds like a smart idea!

And heres a freebie of the day! John Frieda is giving away free samples of their new Root Awakening shampoo! I love John Frieda, so I already signed up for mine! Did you? :)

Happy Savings!

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