Thursday, July 15, 2010


In exactly one month I will be driving down to Florida with my mom, dad (hopefully), Uncle Don, Lilah and Chase.

I can't believe how fast the time has gone. Its crazy.

I had a dream last night about checking in to the DCP and them not giving me any of the stuff they are supposed to give me. I had no clue where I was working or what time any of my meetings were. hah. Good thing I kind of know whats going on this time around. Check-in will hopefully be a breeze!

I just hope and pray Christine and I get normal roommates....eek.

Right now I am in the process of trying to go through all my stuff. Its really time consuming and annoying because I have had to move out of my apartment so now I have all this stuff that I cant use in disney but probably will use at some point in my life. ugh

more later...

Friday, June 18, 2010

It takes 2 to tango....

wow. In exactly 2 months I will be starting my second Disney college program.

Its crazy to me that its not that far away!

This program is already so different from the last. I really haven't talked to that many people who are doing this program. Its definitely not going to be the same, but I know it will still be fun.

Its just another new phase of life, that once again I will have to grow accustomed to. What an adventure!

Friday, May 21, 2010

4 days...

In 4 days I will have my life back. only 4. 4 whole days. I can do this. can't I?


There are 4 parks at Disney World.
I have lived in 4 different towns in the past year.
I have 4 pages done on my section of the paper...only 11 more to go.



Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Social life? hah.

as soon as Maymester no longer consumes my life, I will update update update and it will be DISNEY DISNEY DISNEY!! woo!

see ya REAL soon!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Thought of the day!

If I were in Disney celebrating Cinco de Mayo,

I would be at EPCOT visiting the Mexico pavilion.
ohhh how I miss this & that tan....

Tuesday, May 4, 2010



I really cannot wait to get back to Disney and start in on the Disney diet and work on my tan.


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Blah Blah Blah

sooo I guess I suck at updating this thing....

I turned 23. ah. Luckily I have been able to celebrate my birthday in the mountains, Disney World, Athens, and Milly. so I guess its been an okay birthday.

Next weekend I am going camping with MFB and BAJ so its not over yet! :)

I graduate in 15 days! oh my gosh!!! I will be completely done FOREVER on May 28th!!!!! AHHHH!!! I can hardly stand it!

Nothing new with Disney yet, just class, work, class, work, dog, class, work, dog, sleep with a little family and friends sprinkled in every now and then.

Anyways Ill update when I have more exciting things to update on.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

All about Me :)

Disney Survey thingy
p.s.- thats my niece in the picture

1. Your name?: Kari
2. Are you legal (over 21)?: Yes
3. Male or female?: Female
4. Gay, straight, bi (optional): Straight
5. Where do you live?: Right now... Milledgeville, Georgia.... but I am from Conyers, GA
6. What role will you have at Disney?: Recreation
7. What are your arrival/departure dates/program (fall, fall advantage, fall quarter)?: Fall, August 18th

8. Which apartment complex would you prefer to live at? Patterson or Chatham 9. How many roommates/rooms would you like? (1-7 roommates, 1-4 rooms)?: 5 roommates is good for me.
10. Do you like to party? Will you be hosting parties in your apartment?: I like to go out and hang with people occasionally, but I also like to stay in and have movie and pizza night with my friends! As far as hosting goes: I plan on not having the money for all that.
11. What's your favorite food, and more importantly, can you cook well?: My favorite food is anything Mexican. I can cook if I put my mind to it and have the time...
12. If your friends could describe you in three words what would they be?: happy, energetic, and stubborn
13. What kind of music/movies do you like?: I seriously like all music. Maybe not screamo scary stuff, but everything else. As far as movies go, I like to watch Romantic Comedies and Adventure movies.
14. Do you smoke, and if so, inside or outside?: No, I have asthma. Me and smoke don't mix
15. Are you a night person or a morning person?: Eh as much as I try to be a morning person, Im definitely a night owl. But if I have to get up in the morning I can do it and be happy. It just depends. haha
16. Are you driving or flying down?: Driving
17. What do you do for fun?: Spend time with friends, go out to eat, watch tv/movies, read, shop, exercise
18. What is your favorite quote?: "His ways are higher than our ways and His thoughts are higher than our thoughts." Isaiah 55:8
19. What are you most excited about in being in the WDWCP?: how completely different and exciting this CP is going to be than my last one. :)
20. Favorite things to do when not working: Sleeping and hanging out with my friends!
21. Name one good quality about yourself: I smile and laugh at anything and everything.
22. Name one bad quality about yourself: I get really nervous and worked up about the silliest little things and it takes a special person to know how to calm me down. MOM :)
23: Your college: Georgia College & State University
24: Your major: Business Management
25. Any medical conditions (optional): Asthma
26. Are you messy/tidy?: I try to be tidy when living with others. I can let my space get cluttered, but I always know where everything is.
27. Anything else you want to state: I like the beach and my family, especially my mom mean the whole world to me.
28. Favorite Disney movie? Peter Pan
29. How many times have you been to Disney? Multiple times every year since I was one month old
30. Favorite park? EPCOT. Studios close behind. I LOVE Magic Kingdom and it will always have a very special and loving place in my heart, but sometimes its way to crazy there for me. Maybe since I won't be working there this time around I'll let it move back up to second place. EPCOT is still the
31. Favorite ride? Tower of Terror
32. Favorite show? The Bachelor and America's Next Top Model
33. Favorite resort? Polynesian
34. Favorite dining? at Disney....Kona Cafe and Earl of Sandwhich. Off property...Chilis and Qdoba
35. Favorite character? Tinkerbell
36. I prefer to sleep in a room that: DARK with cool air. I hate being hot when I sleep
37. I like to go to bed: Whenever I am tired
38. I sleep better when the room is: Dark, cool, and quiet...but I do like some noise like a fan or something b/c when its like completely silent it drives me crazy
39. I would prefer guests: That don't yell at me on Christmas Day or New Years.
40. I absolutely could not live with a roommate that: yells all the time or smokes inside
41. Do you snore: No, but I do talk in my sleep. If Im stressed or worried about something I tend to talk a lot. oopsy.
42. On your day off..what time would you wake up: 10 or 11. depending on how late I worked the day before.

Friday, March 19, 2010

"I do not like to repeat successes, I like to go on to other things." -Walt Disney

My list of things that I didn't get to do on my first program that I would like to accomplish this time around :)

1) Universal Studios...I know blasphemy, but I would like to go once!
2) ICE
3) Fireworks Cruise...but maybe I will be working on the Fireworks cruises....*fingers crossed*
4) Holy Land Experience
5) Eat in the France, Italy, & Japan Pavilions at EPCOT
6) Go to more housing events if I least to get the food. haha
7) Keep up with my blog more. Luckily this time I won't be taking any classes, so hopefully that will be easier.
8) Go to the beach more than once. Seems strange to say it, but I only went once in the entire 5 months I was there.
9) Go to see a shuttle launch. I watched one from my porch, but I want to be up close!
10)Ride TOT at least 1000 times...Its totally going to happen
11) Sea World
12) Busch Gardens
13) Visit Celebration
14) Volunteer with Give Kids the World
15) Go to the water parks more. Went to Typhoon once. Blizzard once. Completely unacceptable.
16) Attend more concerts/shows at HOB.
17) Two words. Pasta parties. That is all.
18) Stop at the sunglass shop on Vineland Ave. where the people are always waving and smiling.
19) Parasailing
20) Horseback Riding
21) Putt Putt at Winter Summerland

There will be more added to this list as I think of things. :)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Its all coming together...kind of?

Soooo Midterms are over. Thank God! Now all I need is for my dad to miraculously stand up tomorrow and be waiting at home for me. :( One day it will day.

I have decided to live in CP housing because it is like a 10 page document you have to fill out to even be considered to live in another apartment. Kind of ridiculous if you ask me. I would also have to pay the $100 assessment fee or whatever its called and not get to go to any housing events, so I just decided to suck it up and live in CP housing. Delilah will have to live at Meemaw's house until I can get a routine and figure out where I'll move after the program. I feel horrible leaving her and I feel horrible asking my mom to take care of her, but I don't know what else to do and I know its whats best for her. I just hope she doesn't forget who I am. :/

On another note, I do have a roommate for CP housing. She was a camp counselor with me and she is graduating from UGA. I am really excited about the fun we will have sharing a room! It will be like camp all over again. haha :) I hope we have some equally cool apartment mates, but I don't know if anyone is going to compare to my roommates from the first program....Megan and I sure were blessed with some awesome girls.

Hopefully AMANDA will be back down in Florida....SHE BETTER BE!

Maria will be there and I plan on hanging out with her during every breathing moment. Yes, that is right Maria, you will want to call me boo boo. :)

My next blog will be a list of things that I would like to do during this next CP that I didn't get to do on my last CP, so GET EXCITED!!!

This isnt letting put the pictures where I want so I give up. I tried to have a picture with Maria, but its not cooperating. LAME

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


SOOOO today I got an email that read...

Dear Kari,

Congratulations! You have been selected to participate as a Recreation Cast Member on the Disney College Program in the Fall 2010 Season.

We look forward to the magic you will bring to the Walt Disney World® Resort and are thrilled about the opportunity we have to include you in our Disney family!

Disney College Recruiting

AHHHH!!! This was my number one choice!! I am beyond excited!!! I cannot wait to see where this journey is going to take me! I could hardly breathe as I read the email and I re-read it like 6 times to make sure I had read it correctly! I am soooo thrilled to be working in a completely different area of Walt Disney World!!!! Now I have to decide whether or not to live in CP housing or to find a different place...I have a dog now so shes a big factor in that decision. Anyways I can worry about all that later! I am just ecstatic at the moment.

Yes I know I slacked on the blog, but I will try to be better! More updates coming soon! :)

Peace, Love, and Mickey Mouse :)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Tomorrow shall be a day of updates...

dear blog,

I have not forgotten you. Life got in the way. I am in desperate need of you. See you soon.

me :)