Saturday, February 28, 2009

One Step at a Time...

I felt compelled to start a blog. I guess there are a lot changes happening in my life right now and by writing a "journal" everyday I will hopefully be able to sort out my thoughts.

First off I have the privilege of being the lead counselor at Fortson 4-H Center in Hampton, Georgia for the 2009 summer camping season. Since I was 10 years old, I have dreamed of being a counselor and one day becoming a leadership counselor. Although I thought I would one day be a "princess" at Rock Eagle, I have found that my heart is truly at Fortson. I missed it last summer when I wasn't there and to be back is such a blessing. I am the "Crew Chief" and that's pretty awesome because I am the only "Chief" left in the Georgia 4-H Camping Program. :)

I am in charge of 6 other counselors and I could not of asked for a better group. They are all so different and unique but we all come together for one reason: to have the BEST summer ever and to Love Those Kids! It is going to be different being a leadership counselor and not just a regular counselor, but I am so excited about this opportunity. We have 6 weeks of Junior Camp and then 2 weeks of Community Camp. Junior Camp is for kids going into the 8th and 9th grades. They are a hand full but I absolutely love them! Community Camp is for kids ages 6 through 18 from around the area. So all together I will be at camp for 8 weeks plus one week of training. It will be a long summer but I CANNOT WAIT!

Next up on the agenda...In 10 days I will be applying for the Disney College Program. Its nerve wracking, scary, intimidating, and exciting. To feel all these emotions at the same time is intense. I have given up trying to grow nails, because they have all been bitten off. I have been researching and learning as much as I can about the program. Whenever I feel myself getting overwhelmed I just say to myself "It's all in God's hands" over and over. It really does help bring a peace to me. :D

I think I get scared because the thought of moving away from all my family, friends, school, & comfort zone is terrifying. I am sooooooo glad Megan Francis and I are applying together because it helps me to think I could have my bestie down there with me. At least I would know one person in the "big city."

I know I need to apply first and then worry about moving away, but I can't help it. I also don't really know what I should apply for. I am thinking about these: 1)Recreation, 2) Merchandise, 3)Main Entrance Operations, 4)Attractions, and 5) Food and Beverage. It keeps changing though. So I am sure I will change my mind at least 5 more times. If you talk to my father he thinks I could do every job on the list, but that's what dads are supposed to think. :)

Anywho this blog is probably boring to anyone who is reading it. I will try to make them more entertaining in the future! Love Love!


  1. Good luck on the Disney app! And I'm sure you'll do a great job at Fortson this summer :D