Monday, March 2, 2009

8 Days and Counting...

Where to begin:

It snowed in Georgia and I got to drive through it. The driving through it wasn't so fun, but it sure was pretty. It was probably the most snow I can remember seeing in Georgia. Of course here in the "armpit of hell" aka Milledgeville nothing stuck, and we had classes. Go figure.

For some reason my car is going through all sorts of difficulties. The speedometer stopped working, the mileage calculator stopped calculating, my back window is leaking water whenever it rains or snows which is causing my car to smell like mold, the ABS light is on, the brake light is on, and I can't accelerate or drive the speed limit for that matter....not that I can really tell what speed I am driving, but I can tell I am going very slow. Hopefully it will get fixed soon!

This morning I talked to the on campus Disney representative who is also my Travel and Tourism teacher. She told me to bring the application, checklist, and resume to the meeting next week. 8 DAYS!!! I was wondering because the whole application process is all online now. She answered my questions and was really excited! I have talked to her before, but I am sure she doesn't remember. She is kind of on the "older" side. No offense to my older viewers... :D I am still praying about what to check off, but I guess it won't matter because God is going to put me where he wants to. 

At the meeting I will schedule a phone interview and then it will be 2-3 weeks if not longer before I know whether I was accepted into the program. Thank you all for the prayers and support through all this! I will keep everyone updated! :)

Well thats really all the updates I have! Love to all! 

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  1. Hi Dear! You are going to be fine, whether you go to Disney or not! You are right. God has the plan for your life....HE will take care of you. Sorry about all the snow driving. I wanted you to stay at home! But you made it-thanks to your careful driving! Love you bunches...Mom