Saturday, March 28, 2009

Adults Are Only Grown-Up Kids Anyways- Walt Disney

Soooo there isn't much going on, but I felt like updating a little.

First off: My WONDERFUL parents sent me flowers and a balloon for getting into the Disney College Program!! It was such a nice surprise!! Here is a picture of the beautiful flowers...I look like poo, but the flowers are perfect :)

I am going to talk to the Disney advisor on campus sometime this week. I will probably talk to her on Wednesday after I give a presentation in her class. UGH. stupid group projects always put a damper on EVERYTHING.

Anyways- she is going to tell me what classes I need to take while I am down there and what I need to do between now and August.

Megan Francis Bailey and I are going to be roommates while we are down there!!!! EXCITING!! We are also going to be doing a Vlog (video blog) sometime this week, so ya'll should all be pretty excited about that!!

I am loving all the new friends I have been talking to on facebook, disboards, and AIM. Its so great knowing that there are other people who are going through the same things I am going through! They are also really helpful in telling the new CP's what to bring and stuff. I was able to find a church to go to (if I have time off) while I am down in Orlando on the program. AND I have found some people who are interested in doing a bible study!! YAY!! Jesus+Disney+friends = LOVE!!

Megan told me about this book called "Dream Factory" by Brad Barkley and Heather Hepler. Its about two people people who are working at Disney. Its so cool, because its about kids my age. My mom ordered it for me and it arrived in 2 days!! Its fiction, but so far I love it! Its kinda sad, but for some reason I think its going to end really happy, because well thats how Disney is. We shall see, and I will let yall know :)

Random: We have had a ton of rain lately and I love it! It was my spring break, but I really did enjoy just doing nothing and sleeping a lot. Although, I was working on a paper and presentation for the majority of my break, so that was kind of a bummer. yeh-the same one that I was talking about up there. I CANT WAIT TO BE DONE WITH IT. Once I am done with this project I can focus on happier things for a little while, before finals start.

I know my parents are going to miss my cookin' after being home for this entire past week. Dont worry Ill be back for Easter and my birthday! Not sure how I feel about turning seems so much older than 21. :/ at least I'm not too old for Disney. right?

My family waiting to watch Its a Bugs Life at Animal Kingdom. Love them all and yes my brother and dad are special ed. hehe just kidding :)


  1. Special maybe never Ed. I believe Ed was a horse on TV years B4 U where born :~) I hope you get your adviser to give you all you need for classes. After Disney you will need to graduate not spend the rest of your life in Millville as colleges like to keep kids around. :~) just a random thought. Love the sight. Your parents must be real cool folks ....

  2. oh dad...hahaha way to try to hide your identity. :)