Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Oh hello there world!

Wellllll lots has happened since August. haha! I promise I haven't forgotten about this thing, but by the time I am done with work, classes, sleeping, laundry, other random things I barely have two seconds. I have had to journal everyday for my internship credit through GCSU so I have been keeping up with the work aspect of this experience through that, but I haven't posted it on here...maybe I will start....haha.

Anyways here are some highlights and I will try to be better at this thing!

  • Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party- AWESOME! I have been to two. One with my family and one with Megan. I might be going to another one next week with a girl from work, but I don't have a costume and she wants to dress up, so we will see.
  • I got to see my Uncle Don and Aunt Karen for the first time in 19 or so years. It was so wonderful and they are so fun! My uncle is JUST like my dad. Kinda scary, but Megan totally agreed. Oh those Mateling genes. ;)
  • Food and Wine Festival- Absolutely incredible. I love this festival. Just trying all the foods from all the different countries and lets not forget those "slushies" in France. ooh boy! Those are my favorite! It lasts until November 5th so hopefully I will get to go a lot!
  • Working in Fantasyland at Winnie the Pooh, Snow White, and Teacups. Sometimes its rough, but the good things definitely outway the bad things. I have met a lot of friends and a lot of my fellow castmembers are super nice. Of course Magic Kingdom has LATE LATE hours a lot of times and I never get to see Megan, but oh well what can ya do?
  • Labor Day with the parents and boyfriend :) Fun times. More to come :)
  • My favorite places to eat so far: Rainforest Cafe, T-Rex, Tijuana(spelling?) Flats, Earl of Sandwich(thanks to my aunt and uncle), Chili's (duh), and EPCOT F&W fest! haha
  • Walking in the tunnels everyday is still really cool to me. It is just crazy to think that I am UNDER the Magic Kingdom. haha! how many people can say they have walked UNDER the castle? not many! I also like walking side by side with Cinderella or Snow White or any of the characters. That is so cool to me!
  • Getting a real dose of the real world. It is crazy and overwhelming sometimes, but I think I might be starting to get the swing of things. I feel like I have already grown a lot and have become more independent. I still need my parents for things and I still get homesick, but that is normal. I miss my family so much but I know they will be here soon. I just have to take it one day at a time and when I start to feel down I remember that I am at the Happiest Place on Earth and I go to a park. haha. Usually EPCOT because it is so chill there.
  • Losing 20 pounds! weee! That is a real confidence booster. I am almost back down to the weight I was my freshman year. I like where I am right now so I am not intentionally losing weight. It is just all the work and heat.
  • Living with Megan has been great too. I am glad we are here together! I also like all my roommates they are all so friendly and fun!

Well that is all for now. I will put pictures up later! love, peace and mickey mouse!


  1. You are doing well, and your blog shows it! Yes, we all miss you, but know you are just where you should be. What an opportunity!! You start to get homesick, wash some clothes or take out the trash...like when I gave you chores to do! Well, until the next time we see you....we love you!

  2. yes a bit behind but having the time of your life. Might do some creative updating on this thing like the counter / CONGRATULATIONS on your Happy Magical recognition! So proud of you, UR the best