Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Disney Dreams coming true :)

Oh my gosh! I am here in Disney World. Tomorrow I will check-in. AHHHHH! soooo many emotions going through my mind right now. It's crazy. Am I prepared? will I make friends? Will megan and I get to hang out or will we have total opposite schedules? Will I even have time for a social life between classes and work? Is hurricane season going to be scary? personally I am kinda excited about it...weird I know.

We are staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge right now. I look around at all these "guests" and think to myself...soon I will be the one they see telling them how to get around and telling them where to sit on rides. It's just all so surreal to me!

I left all my paperwork at home though and my insurance stuff so I am real idiot, but luckily it all worked out. :)

I am waiting on Megan and her mom to get her. Both my parents are sleeping. "too much Disney for them" hahaha!

This update is boring. I am hungry. Going over to Coronado to get some grub. Peace & Love!


  1. Kari,

    you will do fine! and no hurricane season is not that scary at all... just a TON of rain!!!

    Have fun!! Oh and

    Have a Magical Day!! :D

  2. Kari, you are going to be the prettiest most popular girl at Disney and you are going to have a blast. This is an awesome time in your life, soak it up and enjoy every second.

    Love you,